Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2010 Season Recap Part 3

(Photo by: Glenn Davenport)

Part 3 of the 2010 Season Recap - A multi-part segment by Black and Blue Jean.

The Cooler Incident:

Feeling more cohesive and generally more experienced, the Department of Public Hurts welcomed two more rookie skaters, Cyndylicious and Candy Flip’Her, to their roster on February 20th. Up against the Derby Debutantes from Toronto, the first period began slowly with some clumsy falls. A few good jams and some solid pack work left DPH down by 11 points, a small gap that could easily be closed.

In the second period we were awarded lead jammer quite a few times thanks to the fast footwork of jammers Katastrophe, KD Bang, Betty Blitzkrieg and Jenny Rotten. Some phenomenal three or four person walls in the front of the pack kept the opposing jammer impotent for most of the period. In the last jam of the period, KD Bang stepped up to the jammer line. As she approached the pack she was thwarted in her attempt at lead jammer. A little push from Candy almost saw her through to the front of the pack, but again she was defeated. Then, as the opposing jammer approached, KD switched to a defensive strategy, crashed into the jammer, and sent them both head first into the water coolers at the side of the track. Ice and water flowed everywhere, including onto the track, forcing the refs to call the jam off to create the most memorable ending of a period in the 2010 season.

As the third period began, Toronto had the clear advantage since our jammer was spending time in the penalty box….as if knocking over water bottles is a penalty. Our blockers put up a strong defense long enough for our jammer to reenter, but she was quickly sent back to the box for a track cut and the jam ended. An inauspicious first jam, the small 13 point gap slowly increased. Our ladies continued to fight hard and there were some more staggering walls of four blockers, my favorites being Elle, Molly, Deck’em and Sin and Molly, Bing, Deck’em and Cyndy. But in the end DPH suffered a second loss, albeit less severe than the last, at the hands of the Derby Debutantes, 96 to 60. A valiant attempt, the skaters celebrated their improvement and crowd pleasing charm over many drinks at the after party.

Favorite Moments: Seeing trash talk on the track from both Joan of Arkham and Betty Blitkrieg.

Highest Scoring Jammer: Katastrophe

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