Thursday, September 9, 2010

2nd Place at the Empire Skate Showdown!!!

Although it's a little hard to see in this picture, that's the Albany All Stars in the finals against the Gotham Girls' Wall Street Traitors! In the end they beat us, but we played fast and furious with only 8 girls. To see just how hardcore these ladies are, check out Merry Pain's recap:

Some of us are still on this weekend's high and walking with limps!

Here are some of the highlights:

Liv Dangerously: Threw up in her mouth while jamming and kept skating. You read that right, she swallowed it, AND KEPT SKATING!

Dottie Damage: Jumped a handful of fallen players all at once because she, "was too tired to fall!"

Betty Blitzkrieg: Took a helmet to the face and snapped her head backwards. She was tended to by EMTs and still got back up to play!

Black & Blue Jean: Was voted MVP for the tournament's final bout!

Joan of Arkham: Assist after assist, she kept getting right back into every jam!

Trixie Firecracker: Took a flying toss (initiated by teammate, Katastrophe) into the opposing jammer and literally boomeranged back into action!

Merry Pain: GGRD's Wall Street Traitors commented on how brutal her hits were.

Katastrophe: Was voted MVP by other leagues for the entire tournament!

These girls played like I've never seen them play before. They gave 199% in every jam, pushing through pain and pushing beyond exhaustion.

Every minute was totally worth it!

In this photo: Merry Pain, Liv Dangerously, Black & Blue Jean, Katastrophe, Trixie Firecracker, Dottie Damage, Betty Blitzkrieg & Joan of Arkham.

Here are the full results of the tournament:
Bout 1: AASRD 56 vs Hudson Valley Horrors 50
Bout 2: CNY Roller Derby 63 vs The Hellions of Troy Roller Derby League 43
Bout 3: Long Island Roller Rebels 126 vs Assault City Roller Derby 11
Bout 4: Wall Street Traitors 53 vs Ithaca League of Women Rollers SufferJets 32
Bout 5: AASRD 53 vs CNY Roller Derby 51
Bout 6: Wall Street Traitors 50 vs Long Island Roller Rebels 41
Bout 7: Hudson Valley Horrors 83 vs The Hellions of Troy Roller Derby League 43
Bout 8: Ithaca League of Women Rollers 68 vs Assault City Roller Derby 32
Bout 9 (Championship): Wall Street Traitors 85 vs AASRD 20

Photo by Pete Rodriguez

Photo by Bonnie DiRenzo

Photo by Bonnie DiRenzo

Many thanks to the Long Island Roller Rebels for hosting this tournament, and to everyone who came out to play and support. AASRD is thrilled to have participated.


  1. I would just like to add that during the championship game Dottie Damage scored the first point of the game against GGRD's Hyper Lynx in a 1-0 jam.

  2. that beats a multi-person leap. hands down.

  3. Hey - Great Games AASRD! You pulled off some awesome skating on a short roster at that!
    There are some incorrect Ithaca scores that keep getting posted. Would you mind updating?

    Bout 1--Albany All Stars (56) vs. Hudson Valley Horrors (50)

    Bout 2--Central New York (63) v. Hellions of Troy (43)

    Bout 3--Long Island Roller Rebels (126) v. Assault City (11)

    Bout 4--Ithaca League of Women Rollers (32) v. Wall Street Traitors (53)

    Bout 5--Albany All Stars (53) v. Central New York (51)

    Bout 6--Hudson Valley Horrors (83) v. Hellions of Troy (43)

    Bout 7--Long Island Roller Rebels (44) v. Wall Street Traitors (50)

    Bout 8--Assault City (32) v. Ithaca League of Women Rollers (68)

    Bout 9 (5th & 6th Places)--Central New York (48) v. Long Island Roller Rebels (78)

    Bout 10 (7th & 8th Places)--Hellions of Troy (48) v. Assault City (66)

    Bout 11 (3rd & 4th Places)--Ithaca League of Women Rollers (66) v. Hudson Valley Horrors (22)

    Bout 12 (Championship Bout)--Albany All-Stars (20) v. Wall Street Traitors (85)