Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 Season Recap Part 4: So Damn Close!

Photo by Rob Gierthy

The 4th Part of a series written by Black & Blue Jean.

Their third bout in a row, DPH is determined to outperform their competition on March 13th against the Utica Rollergirls. Some impressive jamming by Betty Blitzkrieg, Scarlet O’Hackya, Deck’em Beckham and Black & Blue Jean, makes it a close bout at the end of the first period with DPH down by 5 points. We get lead jammer numerous times in the second period but both teams are plagued by penalties making defense in the pack a struggle. A ten point jam by Betty Blitzkrieg helps heave us forward but DPH is trailing by 22 points at the end of the second period. But that doesn’t matter to these women because they are hell bent on victory. They come barreling back onto the track with a vengeance scoring another 64 points in the last period with two impressive grand slams from Scarlet O’Hackya and Black & Blue Jean. In the very last jam of the period DPH is up by 6 points. With sweat in their eyes and blood surging through their veins the last skaters approach the line. Prevented from taking lead jammer status, the skaters recycle relentlessly trying to prevent the opposing jammer from scoring. In a blur the last jam ends and the entire team stares at the scoreboard in anticipation. But DPH is down by 2 points and suffers their third loss in a row. Undeterred by this fact, the DPH’ers know that they have never skated harder before that night and they feel more like a team than ever before, something almost as good as victory.
Favorite Moment: The after party where every woman in a blue Dickie’s shirt knew she was a winner regardless of points.
Highest Scoring Jammer: Scarlet O’Hackya

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