Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 Season Recap, Part 7: DPH Debut Number 2

Photo by Rob Gierthy

More than halfway through the 2010 season, some newbie skaters are bout ready when DPH plays the Elm City Derby Damez on May 25th. The entire league is excited to see the debut of Sweet Dee Bacle, Hurts & Kisses, Mil Fee and Kelly Von Black. Joan Jett doesn’t give a damn about her bad reputation and neither do these 14 smoking hot, red blooded women who are itching to do some damage.

The first period is dominated by the jamming skills of BSide Blaze, Black & Blue Jean and KD Bang, all three of which scoring grand slams, backed up by jammers Candy Flip’Her and Bada Bing King, both jamming for the first time. All jammers are able to take the inside line, assisted by a team full of great offensive players, while simultaneously maintaining a strong defense. DPH is awarded lead jammer in every jam and ends the first period with an impressive 74 points, shutting out the fledgling Elm City team.

The second period begins with a phenomenal booty block from Smash to Pieces and some great defense from our 4 rookie skaters. With such a strong lead the DPH bench coaches decide that this is a great opportunity to try out some new jammers. The crowd is enthralled by some big scoring jams from jammers Joan of Arkham, Sweet Dee Bacle, Milfee and Hurts and Kisses. Veteran blockers Smash, Cyndy and Sin also take their turn on the jammer line and with the help of some great assisting blockers like Candy, Kelly and Bing manage to make it through reasonably unscathed. Elm City is able to eke out 14 points in the period, ending our shut out but not threatening our formidable lead.

Again the bench coaches decide that this is the opportunity for fun and in the first jam of the third period we see KD Bang passing the jammer star to Hurts & Kisses. On the first attempt KD Bang is thwarted by a well timed block and she hits the floor with the jammer panty in her hands. Able to keep her hold on the panty and zooming back into the pack, both KD and Hurts break out of the pack and the hand off goes off this time without a hitch. The period ends with DPH scoring another 38 points with Kelly Von Black taking her first opportunity at the jammer line. DPH with a formidable 164 points and Elm City with only 31, the team heads out to celebrate at the after party where they learn that this is only Elm City’s second bout ever and that they were playing with only a roster of 9. The Elm City girls are gracious and express their happiness at the opportunity to learn and grow.

Favorite Moments: Of course the passing of the panty but also hearing Sin’s voice from the bench yelling, “IN! IN! IN!”. Another gem is Scarlet O’Hackya as announcer telling the crowd that to be a roller derby girl, “All you need is an open mind and a good attitude”.

Highest Scoring Jammer: Black & Blue Jean

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