Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 Season Recap Part 5: The Challenge

Photo by Rob Gierthy

The 5th part in a series by Black & Blue Jean

The Empire Skate Troopers prepared long and hard for their April 3rd bout against the Boston B Party, a team they had heard was merciless. We were all sure these ladies would be our most formidable opponents and most likely our biggest challenge of the season. Our roster is rounded out by the addition of “floaters” Betty Blitzkrieg, Bada Bing King, Deck’em Beckham and Joan of Arkham. The bout begins with EST obtaining lead jammer twice in a row, once by Honky and a second time by Dottie, a good sign for our team. The packs are fast and the opponents’ walls are tight. Some impressive footwork by Dottie Damage and aggressive skating by BSide Blaze help force the opposing jammers call off the jams prematurely and the period ends with Boston up by 20 points, 38 to 18. We are already tired but we feel the passion for our sport burning in our chests during the break and we all know we have more to give. The second period begins and our jammer is sent to the box in the first jam for an illegal procedure. BSide Blaze, with help from Glamthrax acting as her personal bull dozer, and Honky, getting low and using her ninja skills to sneak by, score most of the points for EST in this period. A big hit from Merry Pain, as the opposing jammer gets whipped into her blocker, help the EST cause as do a few good walls from Liv and BJ and new EST skaters Deck’em and Betty. At the end of the second, EST was only able to score another 20 points to Boston’s 40, leaving EST trailing 78 to 38. The third period is more of the same, some good attempts at defense and some excellent jams by Honky keep the crowd excited and cheerful. Despite the valiant effort of the Troopers, the skaters are bested by the Boston B Party, 51 to 120.
Favorite Moments: The locker room, seeing the determination in everyone’s eyes and knowing that every skater willingly skated her heart out until the bitter end.
Highest Scoring Jammer: Dottie Damage

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