Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Recap of Feline Fest ((MEOW))

Pic by Liz S: Party Fowler, Sara G., Jane Wayne Gacy, Liz S., Glamthrax, Trixie Firecracker, and Anacringe Skywalker

True story: In high school, I wore cat ears as a fashion statement.
I’m a cat person.
It’s safe to say that in a few years’ time, you will find me standing outside my house in a cat pee-stained robe yelling at kids to get off my lawn while a chorus of fifty or so cats meow in the background.
I’m training myself in the ways of being the old crazy cat lady by fostering kittens for the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society. Sometimes kittens that come into the shelter need a bit more time to grow before they are ready for adoption, so that’s where I come in. I share my home with a couple little balls of fuzz for a few months, and then it’s time to say goodbye.
Normally I don’t get to see what happens once I say goodbye to my foster kittens. Then I was asked to bring along some roller derby friends to Feline Fest! The shelter is involved in a competition to adopt out 300% more animals over the next three months than they did last year. If they win, they will receive $100,000 from the ASPCA. Feline Fest was the grand kickoff to the Mohawk and Hudson shelter’s adoption push to win the competition. There was face painting, grilling, a rummage sale, and most importantly, roller derby girls! We skated around for awhile (well, some of us did, I’m personally not a fan of outdoor skating) selling tickets to a 50/50 raffle. We also got to talk about one of our favorite topics – our pets!

Glamthrax made a wicked awesome collage of some of the roller derby cats!

We all made several trips inside to pet the kitties and puppies (and bunnies!). Skater Jane Wayne Gacy took home a new friend for her cat. Sara G. found a new possible addition to her family in a dog named Doodle. And I tried several times to get my pair of foster kittens adopted. They didn’t find their forever home today, but I know someone will adopt them soon. Having a derby girl as a foster mom definitely makes them the coolest cats in the room!
The Feline Fest 50/50 raffle made $122 (so the winner got $61). That money, combined with other donations made that day, made the shelter over $425. And 29 kitties found their forever home on Saturday!
A big thanks to Trixie Firecracker, Party Fowler, Jane Wayne Gacy, Glamthrax, Liz S. and Sara G. for making it out today to support the shelter!

May the force (and kitties!) be with you.
-Anacringe Skywalker

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