Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reflections of Summer By Scarlett O'Hackya

Well folks, summer is officially gone. We hope it was good to you. Scarlett was kind enough to tell us about her summer vacation. Leave a comment telling us about your vacation. Did you do anything crazy? Did you come to one of our events? If not, we have a bunch lined up for the fall and winter so don't miss a thing!

Photo by Rob Gierthy

So here's what Scarlett did this summer:

July took my soul to West Virginia for the "All Good Musical Festival" I expanded my mind, enjoyed the sweet sounds of the jam band scene and met many free thinking individuals who shared common ideas and ways of life. Obviously I couldn't satisfy my palate and needed more music! August was tormented with the east coast Umphrey's McGee tour . I raged my face off and danced hard all night long!! The Catskill Chill music Festival kicked off the begining of September, reminding me how I long for the fall and love to sleep outside with cool winds blowing me to sleep. Summer fun is oh sooo sweet!

1 comment:

  1. sounds like a mother f'n kick ass summer
    -b-side blaze
    p.s. super psyched i was there!!!