Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2010 Season Recap Part 6: “Bad Boys, Bad Boys”

Photo by Rob Gierthy

The 6th part in a series by Black & Blue Jean

Skating out to the tunes of the “Cops” theme song, the Troopers are pumped for this bout against the Long Island Roller Rebels on June 24th. This bout is their first shot at a self run bench, an attempt at keeping the skaters more engaged and aware of the intricacies of the game (i.e. penalties, what strategies are working). Plagued by penalties in the first period, the troopers fortify their defenses with strong walls and great teamwork. A few of my favorites: Merry Pain and Trixie out front and in another jam Deck’em and Jenny Rotten in the back, both times preventing the opponent from achieving lead jammer status. Kat and Scarlet gain points for EST with some impressive jams. The first period ends with Long Island up by 23 points, 35 to 58. More penalties and a lot of taunting and jammer engagement out of the pack take their toll on the team’s morale. Some great jamming by BSide Blaze, Dottie and Honky allows us to gain another 23 points in the second period but this is no competition to Long Islands additional 40 points. But by the third period, we are filled with piss and vinegar, itching to do some serious damage. Long Island uses a few moves we’ve never seen before, like standing on the pivot line after the whistle is blown in order to waste time and allow their players in the penalty box to reenter the pack. But tricks are not enough to deter the Troopers anymore and with one hell of a jam by Honky, scoring 15 points and some great smaller jams from Scarlet, BSide and Dottie, the troopers score a whopping 32 points in the last period. Disappointingly, Long Island scores another 33 points in the third period and EST loses, 131 to 90.

Highest Scoring Jammer: BSide Blaze

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