Friday, August 20, 2010

Scrimmage with CNYRD

Last night, 8/19, a few of us made it over to Rome, NY to scrimmage with the ladies of Central New York Roller Derby and some gentlemen from the Quadfathers. CNYRD’s Blue Collar Betties are prepping for an August 28th bout with the Jerzey Derby Brigade’s Corporal Punishers.

Four out of the five of us skaters that went are fairly new to scrimmaging other teams, but we held our own and had such an awesome time! Skating with people of varied abilities and styles is a great experience and can be beneficial when preparing for a bout. It’s often hard to anticipate how another team is going to skate or what type of competition they will bring, so being ready for anything is key.

The Betties are looking pretty nifty with strong blockers and speedy jammers. Check them out in Morristown, NJ on the 28th!

Thank you for your hospitality and good luck next Saturday!

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