Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 Season Recap Part 2

Photo courtesy of Rob Gierthy

DPH Debut Number 1:

The Department of Public Hurts was pleased to present a new lineup on January 30th with rookies Joan of Arkham, Bada Bing King, Betty Blitzkrieg, Deck’em Beckham and Molly Apocolypse rounding out the roster. Up against the Green Mountain Derby Dames these ladies entered the first period with heart and enthusiasm. As they struggled to find their stride, Vermont was able to garner themselves a large lead, 50 to 9. Ignoring the annoyingly loud vuvuzela brought by our opponent’s fans, our determined jammers, BSide Blaze, Liv Dangerously, KD Bang and Betty Blitzkrieg, managed to squeak out a few more points in the second period thanks to some great walls from Deck’em and Liv as well as Elle Hathnofury and Glamthrax. The fierce hits of Arkham and Bing brought the opposing jammer to her knees more than once, helping to stymie Vermont’s quickly growing lead. Finally, in the third period, a 10 point jam from newcomer Betty Blitzkrieg brought the crowd to their feet. But it was too late and Vermont delivered a crushing defeat, 128 to 40, to some of our newest skaters.

Favorite Moment: Moe Cheezmo announcing the DPH roster as our fans cheered for the now trademark aviator glasses of Bada Bing King and the strange sight of Liv Dangerously in cut-off jean shorts.

Highest Scoring Jammer: Betty Blitzkrieg

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  1. loving the season recap! and photos. lol. there i am with a giant back block... making a super cute face, as usual.