Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2010 Season Recap Part 1

****Over the next few weeks we will be doing individual posts recapping the 2010 season. Stay tuned for all the info, especially if you missed any of the bouts. The recap is courtesy of Black and Blue Jean.****

The Season Opener:

On January 9th the Empire Skate Troopers took on the Beasts of the Northeast, a compilation team consisting of players from the Hudson Valley Horrors, Assault City Roller Girls, Roc City Roller Derby, New Hampshire Roller Derby and the Boston Derby Dames. Newly promoted skaters Trixie Firecracker, Liv Dangerously and Black & Blue Jean, were thrilled at their debut as members of EST. Energy flowed from the crowd as their favorite jammers, Dottie Damage, Big Headed Honky, Scarlet O’Hackya, B-Side Blaze and Katastrophe, managed to leave us up by ten points at the end of the first period. In the second period, with big hits from KD Bang and Merry Pain, and great aggressive jamming the ladies found themselves with a 40 point lead (89 to 49). The third period, our jammers exhausted but our lead already so large, the team was rescued by the phenomenal booty blocking of Glamthrax and great defensive strategy as witnessed by tight walls. EST won, 106 to 82, and celebrated the beginning of the 2010 season with pride.

Favorite Moment: A huge whip from KD Bang to jammer Scarlet while simultaneously blocking a threatening opponent.

Highest Scoring Jammer: Dottie Damage


  1. Awesome post. Can't wait to read the next one.

  2. This was the first bout I ever saw! Sin announced the recruitment night in February and I knew I had to go.