Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 Season Recap, Part 9: The Finale

Photo by Rob Gierthy

Bout number 9 of a sixth month season arrives before the skaters can blink. On June 19th, EST takes on the Lake Effect Furies of the Queen City Roller Girls. The heat and humidity in the Armory are suffocating, but there is still a huge fan turnout. It seems the demand for sweaty bad ass ladies in booty shorts is always high!

The first period begins well and the Troopers manage to hold their own against the Furies. But the heat is close to dangerous and everyone on the track is sloppy, leading to lots of penalty time. A huge hit from Jenny Rotten and another from Isabella Bruisalini keep the opposing team's points relatively low.

Down by only 20 points at the beginning of the second period, low energy and more penalties plague the Troopers. Fancy footwork from Dottie Damage and the feisty attitude of Scarlet O’Hackya keep the crowd cheering the whole way through. But the second period ends with EST down by 45 points, now a substantial difference to be made up.

The third period is full of determination and hard work. Some huge point scoring jams from Dottie Damage, Katastrophe and Black & Blue Jean, each achieving two grand slams, help EST earn back those points but the Furies continue to score points as well throughout the third period, and EST is once again defeated, 142 to 93.

Six months worth of learning and fighting hard leave the Albany All Stars women fiercely anticipating the 2011 season, and we’re sure our fans are excited too!!

Favorite Moment: HUGE, legal hits from Merry Pain, Isabella Bruisalini and KD Bang, all of which get sent to the box anyway in a typical display of penalty profiling.

Highest Scoring Jammer: Dottie Damage

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  1. This was a very exciting game to watch. And Dottie was relentless.