Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2010 Season Recap, Part 8: The Infamous Fight & Forfeit

Photo by Rob Gierthy

Psyched for the opportunity to get a second win under their belts, EST trained with vigor in the month before the June 5th bout against the Jersey Derby Brigade. With only a 12 person roster, but feeling like a bona fide team, the troopers began this bout with confidence and pride.

Scarlet achieves lead jammer status in the first jam, whips through the pack with ease and calls it off right away scoring 4 points. Next up, Big Headed Honky zips by on the outside aided by the awesome defense of Kat, Betty and BJ. Honky scores a grand slam and calls off the jam. Dottie Damage and BSide Blaze score additional points while Liv, Jenny, Isabella Bruisallini and Merry Pain throw some big hits and form some tight walls, recycling incessantly in order to thwart the opposing jammer.

Our spirits are high and our confidence is growing. Every skater is in perfect sync when Honky steps up to the jammer line for the third time. The opposing jammer is quickly sent to the penalty box due to a huge back block on a Jenny Rotten & BJ wall in the front of the pack. BJ soon follows to the box for engaging a blocker outside of the pack.

Honky has since obtained lead jammer status and scored one grand slam. As she approaches for a third pass her way is impeded by the tackle of a Jersey blocker. Honky hurriedly tries to call off the jam but the blocker pins her to the ground where she is unable to move her arms. As the Jersey blocker finally sets Honky free, she lands a big sucker punch to the side of Honky’s face. Unaware of AASRD’s huge fury and loyalty to their teammates, the Jersey blocker is unaware that there is a Merry Pain steam roller approaching to defend her jammer.

Merry Pain leaps on top of the blocker who scrambles away just as Honky is recovering enough to lay a nice loud smack onto the side of the blockers helmet. All three women are ejected from the bout and after quite a few minutes of conference between refs and captains, the period resumes.

With more vehemence than ever, EST finishes up the next 5 jams getting lead jammer the majority of the time and scoring more than one grand slam. The skaters confer in the locker room, ready to take their huge 56 point lead to a satisfying and well deserved win. Instead when the ladies return to the track they are informed that their opponents have forfeited. And so EST accepts their win over the Jersey Derby Brigade, 69 to 13, in what will feel like a lack luster win and a waste of the potential and energy EST had been so excited to share with their fans.

Favorite Moments: When the opposing jammer spies Merry Pain coming in her direction and skates out of bounds in order to avoid the inevitable pain. When it was clear the bout had come to an end, the cheers and hoots from our fans made up for the disappointment for the disappointing evening.

Highest Scoring Jammer: Dottie Damage


  1. > When the opposing jammer spies Merry Pain
    > coming in her direction

    The look on her face...

  2. Thanks for posting! I tried to use a neutral pic for the post ;)