Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Really Get Around!

Good news-there are plenty of places to see your favorite derby girls this weekend.

On Friday there's the Cage Wars event at the Armory. No, the ladies won't be kickboxing with each other, but come by and say "hi" anyway.

There is also Art Night Schenectady. Our own Joan of Arkham will be showing some of her prints and watercolors at Proctors that night. Many ladies of the team will be there to show support and to remind you to:


Check out the events page for all the specifics, but basically the first whistle blows at 7pm at the Armory, but we suggesting getting there early to see Slick Fitty. It's going to be amazing and you'll be sad if you miss it, because we won't have another bout at the Armory until January.

If you are a guy and you still need more derby action, you're in luck! A week from Sunday the men will be holding tryouts for the Sons of Sam men's roller derby team. So head out to some local skating rinks to brush up on your skills. Booty shorts are optional.

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