Monday, June 14, 2010

More Photos From Pride

Here are some photos of AASRD taken by Sebastien Barre. He's also got some great ones of the rest of the event, here. You can check out more of his works at the Albany Uncommon Grounds until July 13. Click here for more info.

The ladies (and gent) who marched were: Audrey Deathburn, Dottie Damage, Fierce Brosnan, Isabella Bruisalini, Jenny Rotten, Joan of Arkham, Kelly Von Black, Outlaw Annie, Toil 'N' Trouble, Gina Deitz, Katie Dollard, Leslie Morris, and Sarah Sperry.

Ladies working the table: Party Fowler, Christine Miller, Sin & Tonic, Danielle Laurent and Liz Gadomski. Table photo by AASRD's Audrey Deathburn.

Here are some from our own Bada Bing King:
(Check out Sarah's daughter as the flying monkey!)

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