Monday, December 13, 2010

A Derby Girl's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
I've been a pretty good derby girl this year. I've made the majority of practices, trained at the gym on some of my off days, and do my squats at home. I know I may have thrown some elbows, cut the track, and back blocked here and there, but none of it was intentional, I swear. So, since I have been more nice than naughty (I'm saving the naughty for when I am ready to scrimmage and bout, at which time I'm sure I will have NO business asking you for anything), I am submitting to you my wish list of presents.

Thanks in advance,
Crash N Carrie

1. A hot tub.
What derby girl would not like to luxuriate in a hot tub after a long, arduous practice?

2. Unlimited spending at Wicked Skatewear.

3. A case of ibuprofen.
Cuz there are days there would not be functioning without it.

4. Inflatable leg wraps.
OK, this is the most ridiculous looking invention ever... but the more I looked at it, the more my 39-year-old derby girl self thought these might feel really good after practice!

5. Ice packs.
Cuz you can never have too many.

6. A heating pad.
I don't have one, but I imagine it's a good thing.

7. Weekly massages at Back In Balance with Bethany.
(OK, it's a shameless plug, but she is really that good!)

8. New sneakers.
I need something decent for when we do "dry land" exercises.

9. Lots and lots of knee socks.
I especially like these. I find raccoons very pleasing.

10. A year's supply of Biofreeze.
I don't advocate using it too much, but when you need it, man is it good stuff. (Can be purchased at Back In Balance!)

11. Renew my subscription to fiveonfive magazine

12. Speedy recoveries for all the injured players, and cupcakes and beer for all derby girls I love.

Happy Holidays!
Crash N Carrie

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  1. Seriously, if I had a beer for every time I said" I need a hot tub" after practice...and the knee socks?? Right on! I'd say my derby wife has written a very accurate derby girl wish list ;)--Wicked Irish #777